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聞き取り調査 内容説明書


Project Title: A Study of the work experience of foreign early career researchers in Japan

本調査の責任者(櫻井勇介 お茶の水女子大学)は、日本の研究機関に属する外国人若手研究者の職務経験を明らかにするための研究プロジェクトを開始しました(共同研究者 Mason, Shannon Lee 長崎大学)。以下の通り研究の趣旨をご理解いただきご協力くださいますよう、お願い申し上げます。

The principal researcher, Yusuke SAKURAI, Ochanomizu University, requests your consent for participation in an interview for a study to unpack the work experiences of foreign early career researchers in Japan (Co-researcher Mason, Shannon Lee, Nagasaki University). This Explanatory Statement explains about the project.

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  1. 「研究者」を自認しているか、日本国の大学や研究機関に籍を置いている(現在の物理的な勤務場所は問わない)

  2. 「日本国籍」を有していない

  3. 「(一つ目の)博士号取得後8年未満」または「博士号未取得の40歳未満」である、の3つの条件をすべて満たす方です。

This project is designed to solicit contribution from foreign early career researchers who meet all the following three criteria. Those who:

  1. consider yourself a researcher, or are affiliated in a Japanese university or research institute (irrespective of your current physical workplace);

  2. do not have Japanese nationality; and

  3. less than 8 years after (first) Ph.D. or 39 years old or younger without Ph.D.


Interview questions will ask about foreign early career researchers’ career life experience in Japan. The interview will be carried out by the principal researcher in either/both Japanese or/and English and take about 45-75 minutes.

Please read this Explanatory Statement before agreeing to an interview.

Participation in this study is completely voluntary. Please be aware that even if you have decided to participate, you may stop participating at any time and decide not to answer any specific question(s).


There are minimum risks associated with participating in this research, which means those equal to the ones experienced in everyday life. Some of the questions are personal issues at one’s workplace and might cause discomfort when recalling and talking about them.

The audio-recorded interview data will be stored solely in a password-protected computer located at principal researcher’s office, Ochanomizu University.

Any raw audio materials and transcripts generated in this project are accessible only by the principal researcher. The co-researcher does not handle the raw data but has access to the excerpts of anonymised transcripts.

The audio recorded data files will be deleted immediately after the project ends. All the transcripts will be stored in 10 year-time after the project

Research outcomes will be made in the formats of oral presentations and scholarly journal publications. Some excerpts of interview transcripts will be presented, but the researchers will maintain the confidentiality of the research records or data by changing participants’ names and disguising any details which may reveal their identity or the identity of people the participants speak about.

If you agree to participate, please sign in the spaces provided on the Consent Form. Please feel free to contact the principal researcher by e-mail if you have any questions about the interview during anytime you desire.

Principle researcher: Yusuke SAKURAI, PhD. Ochanomizu University
研究責任者 櫻井勇介 お茶の水女子大学


Co-researcher: Mason, Shannon Lee, PhD. Nagasaki University
共同研究者 Mason, Shannon Lee 長崎大学

If you find any wrongdoings and concerns in the researchers conducting this research, you can contact Research Ethics Committee, Ochanomizu University at

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