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This international anthology aims at researchers and practitioners interested in the dynamic developments of research on higher education teaching and learning in Europe and beyond. It includes ten chapters covering a wide array of topics and methodologies used by researchers in the Special Interest Group ‘Higher Education’ (SIG4) of the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI).


日本で出会う世界 国内で実現する短期集中型国際研修

Practices and issues of short-term in-country international courses

日本国内にいながらにして海外からの学生とともに学ぶ「短期集中型国際研修」(Practices and issues of short-term in-country international courses)



Internationalisation have recently featured in discussions and initiatives related to various fields of higher education. Educational leaders, institutions and national policy-makers, but also international actors, such as the European Union and UNESCO, have promoted the internationalisation of higher education. Increasing emphasis on internationalisation has diversified also teaching and learning contexts in higher education and has given rise to a growing need for searching appropriate cross-cultural pedagogical approaches. However, internationalisation in the context of higher education is a multifaceted concept and involves more than just one international dimension in institutional or pedagogical activities. These recent developmental features are examined in the book with the conceptual lense of emerging pattern of internationalisation.



This volume is representative of a wide range of recent trends and important concerns in the CIE community worldwide and within particular regions or specific communities. Additionally, the Annual Review celebrates its fifth year of continuous publication this year, which highlights the ongoing interest in and importance of reflective practice and the professionalization of comparative and international education.