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授業の見学は事前にご連絡ください。I welcome auditing visitors to my class unless there is something unsuitable. Please message me in advance.


Image by Changbok Ko


  • 大学院 (お茶の水女子大学) | Graduate Program

    1. 異文化間コミュニケーション特論 | Lecture in Intercultural Communication Japanese

  • 学部 (お茶の水女子大学) | Undergraduate Program

    1. 多文化間交流論 | Inter-cultural Communication

    2. 多文化間人間関係論演習 | Lecture and seminar in multicultural human relations English

    3. 文化と人間関係 I | Culture and Human Relations I

    4. 日本語演習 IVA | Seminar: Japanese IVA

    5. 日本事情演習 IVA | Seminar: Japanese Culture IVA

    6. 日本語演習 IIA | Seminar: Japanese IIA

  • 国際研修 | Global Praxis (東京大学 | The University of Tokyo)

    1. Robocon!: Basic robotics amid a multicultural academic environment in Malaysia [STUDENT REPORT]

    2. Intensive English: Forging an advanced level of English in Australia

    3. Promoting learning - The Finnish way [STUDENT REPORT]

    4. Explore Japan with Finnish & Hungarian students [STUDENT REPORT]

  • Specialized Seminar (The University of Tokyo)

    1. 学生主体の教育改善活動は東大に根づくのか

    2. 博士から若手研究者の教育学

    3. Research-based learning in Japanese Studies

    4. Education in Finland

    5. Language and Cultural Immersion: Student development in study abroad programs/異文化環境で学ぶ: 海外プログラムでの自己開発論

  • Global Communication (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

  • University Pedagogy (partial responsibility) (University of Helsinki)

  • Japanese Oral Expression (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (Advanced), La Trobe University (Lower intermediate), University of Helsinki (Lower intermediate))

  • Beginner's Japanese Language (Otsuma Women's University, Monash University, La Trobe University, University Industri Selangor, Cairo University, University of Helsinki, Kanarajsadon Bumrung Yala School)

  • Intermediate Japanese (La Trobe University, Cairo University,)

  • Advanced Japanese (Monash University, Waseda Bunkakan)

  • Applied Linguistics: Japanese as a Second language (Cairo University)

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