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White office organization

​授業の見学は事前にご連絡ください。I welcome auditing visitors to my class unless there is something unsuitable. Please message me in advance.

  • FD科目 | Faculty Development Course

  1. 大学教員養成講座基礎 (Preparing Future Faculty Course) (広島大学)

  2. University Pedagogy (partial responsibility) (University of Helsinki)

  • 大学院 | Graduate Program

  1. ​大学教育論 (広島大学)

  2. 異文化間コミュニケーション特論 | Lecture in Intercultural Communication Japanese (お茶の水女子大学)

  • 学部 | Undergraduate Program

  1. 多文化間交流論 | Inter-cultural Communication (お茶の水女子大学)

  2. 多文化間人間関係論演習 | Lecture and seminar in multicultural human relations English (お茶の水女子大学)

  3. 文化と人間関係 I | Culture and Human Relations I (お茶の水女子大学)

  4. 学生主体の教育改善活動は東大に根づくのか (東京大学)

  5. 博士から若手研究者の教育学 (東京大学)

  6. Research-based learning in Japanese Studies (東京大学)

  7. Education in Finland (東京大学)

  8. Language and Cultural Immersion: Student development in study abroad programs/異文化環境で学ぶ: 海外プログラムでの自己開発論 (東京大学)

  9. Global Communication (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

  10. Applied Linguistics: Japanese as a Second language (Cairo University)​

  • 留学生科目 | Courses for Internatioanl Students 

  1. 日本語演習 IVA | Seminar: Japanese IVA (お茶の水女子大学)

  2. 日本事情演習 IVA | Seminar: Japanese Culture IVA (お茶の水女子大学)

  3. 日本語演習 IIA | Seminar: Japanese IIA (お茶の水女子大学)

  4. Japanese Oral Expression (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (Advanced), La Trobe University (Lower intermediate), University of Helsinki (Lower intermediate))

  5. Beginner's Japanese Language (Otsuma Women's University, Monash University, La Trobe University, University Industri Selangor, Cairo University, University of Helsinki, Kanarajsadon Bumrung Yala School)

  6. Intermediate Japanese (La Trobe University, Cairo University,)

  7. Advanced Japanese (Monash University, Waseda Bunkakan)

  • 国際研修 | Global Praxis (東京大学 | The University of Tokyo)

  1. Robocon!: Basic robotics amid a multicultural academic environment in Malaysia [STUDENT REPORT]

  2. Intensive English: Forging an advanced level of English in Australia

  3. Promoting learning - The Finnish way [STUDENT REPORT]

  4. Explore Japan with Finnish & Hungarian students [STUDENT REPORT]

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